Most Famous South Indian Dishes And Their Calorie Count

Most Famous South Indian Dishes And Their Calorie Count

1. Dosa 
Dosa is famous south indian dish that very popular in South region india.Many people are eating Dosa but most of the don’t that how much calorie they are . Now we are going tell you how calorie people consume when they are having Dosa . When people consume plain dosa they consume 148 calorie and when people consume masala dosa then they consume 166 calorie.

2. Hyderabadi Biryani 
One Normal bowl of Hyderabadi Biryani Contain 280 calorie and Big Bowl of Biryani contain 320 calories in one big bowl of hydrabadi Biryani .

4 Normal Size of Idli with chatni contain 292 calories and 1 normal size of idli with chatni contain 73 calories .
4. Lemon Rice 
One normal size bowl of lemon rice cantain 150 calorie and the big bowl of Lemon Rice cantain 300 calories .
5. Uttapam
One uttapam catain approximately 112 calories .4 peice of uttapam cantain  arround 200 calorie .

6. Chicken Chettinad 
One bowl of chicken chettinad captain the amount of calorie is approx around 150 calories .
7. Vada 
Normal size vada cantain around 155 calories and 4 piece of vada cantain around pl800 calories . 
Normal 150 gram of shahar cantain around 120 calories and 300 gram of shambhar .

1 narmal appam contain 117 calorie in normal size of Appam .

10. Upma 
Normal size of upma contain calori  around 130 calories . Big Size Upma cantain around upma.
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